Few Drinks That You Must Try While You Are in Tokyo

Besides various good foods, Japan also delivers plenty of unique and delicious drinks. Until you try any Japanese liquor, you cannot really appreciate their drinking culture. Besides alcoholic drinks of Tokyo, Japanese also prefers to drink their own produced tea, like green tea or the Sakura tea. Let’s look at a list of few important Japanese drinks.

Green Tea (Macha)

During your Tokyo food tour, you will get a chance to taste their tea flavored ice creams, chips & crackers, cakes, milk shakes and more. The flavor can be very earthy and bitter too, and it will take little time for any foreigners to get used to. Most of them can add sugar and cream, so as to soften the taste.

There are number of varieties and grades of their Macha. Few of them are:

  • Basic green tea
  • Genmaicha (brown rice)
  • Gyokuro (delicate high grade)
  • Hojicha (a coarse tea)
  • Mugicha (Tea brewed from barley)
  • Powdered Macha (used for any tea ceremony)
  • Sencha (medium grade)


This Japanese alcohol can really get worse with age and it is in stark contrast to any of its Western counterparts that may need decades of maturing in the cellars. It is made from the fermented rice and water. Normally it is served in a small cup in warm to lukewarm condition but sometimes it is even served chilled.

Japanese Soft Drinks

You can also find soft drinks like Pepsi, Sprite and Mountain Dew and all the other common American soft drinks. However, here you may find them of some un-expected and new flavors.

Another typical Japanese soft drink is a sugared green tea flavor, which almost tastes like Lipton’s Ice Tea. Besides you will also find spicy drink that can clear your sinuses in a big way, like ginger sodas. It is sugary and lightly carbonated as well as has high content of pure ginger.