How To Detect Good Photograph?

A good way to learn photography is by reading about it. But not books dedicated to photographic technique, but invest part of our time in deepening the photographic art in itself.

This type of reading is very enriching because it helps you understand photography and take it to another level, very artistic level. can be your guide in this quest.

Smart Composition

This is the most technical part of what a “good photograph” would be. Normally we tend to consider a good image that is correctly focused, well exposed, composed following the rules. A clean photograph but many times we have said that a “perfect” photograph does not have to be good.

With this point, the intelligent composition is that composition designed to convey whatever it is we want to convey: “there is a great difference between mistaking the focus for ignorance or error and blurring to create a certain effect.”

The most important thing to make a good photograph and to know what we are doing. And, above all, be aware that yes, a blurred photograph can be good. A photograph with grain can be good. Also, a photograph with an unbalanced composition can be good whenever there is an intention in it.

Causes a Reaction

There are images that have “something” that attracts your eyes; these images get you hooked.

A good photograph is visually stimulating. It invites you to look at it; it generates a reaction of interest. This means that we should not always be waiting to take photographs that “like” people who see them because that, precisely, can lead to too calculated and obvious images that end up not attracting attention.

Good images are attractive in a natural way and for many reasons: for their composition, for their protagonists, for the story they tell, for the artist’s eye that has made it. Many of these things cannot be provoked, as well as Focus on expressing things with your images. That is the best way to get “good photographs.”

Offers More Than One Layer of Experience

Contemplating a “good photograph” is always a complete experience. A good image is not observed without more; a high-quality photograph must be read, it must have different expressive planes. A good photograph is expressive in its entirety.

Note: do not make our images very obvious. A good photograph hides small pills of information throughout the entire picture whose function is, in addition to completing all the sense of the work, challenging the eye of the one who sees the image to which look for them.