Which Technology Wins in 2019: Edge Computing or Fog Computing?

Internet of things, shortly known as IoT, is growing at rapid levels over the recent years due to technical revolution. It plays an important role in connecting computers and mobile devices that provide ways for transferring the data over a network quickly. There are various types of computing technologies used in IoT industries in order to ensure high efficiency while performing important tasks. However, it is necessary to get more ideas about them in detail for ensuring the optimal results.

What is fog computing?’

Fog computing is the new technology introduced by Cisco which aims at allowing IoT devices to produce data closer instead of sending the same to long data center routes. The company found that OpenFog Consortium is the right choice for promoting the use of fog computing to make IoT services a significant one. The primary advantage of fog computing is that it lets organizations analyze important data in real time. Another thing is that it enables edge devices to collect mass amount of data and will send the same to a data center. Moreover, it reduces the amount of bandwidth while sending the data. The applications include connected cars, smart cities, and so on.

About Edge computing

Edge computing is a subset of fog computing which involves processing the data closer where it is created. On the other hand, it differs in the emphasis which puts the data inside the devices. However, the possibilities of hijacking issues are high in edge computing when compared to fog computing. Whatsupgold is a powerful tool meant for monitoring the security, network reliability, performance, and privacy issues with the best features thereby showing ways for controlling data loss. It is possible to download the app for tracking the IoT devices with high accuracy.

How to evaluate the computer network usage?

Nowadays, there are different types of software products available for organization to evaluate the internet usage of employees with the best results. Workexaminer is one of monitoring solution trusted by thousands of IT teamsbecause it comes with a wide range of features allowing them to generate the reports accurately. Apart from that, it gives ways for taking control of an employee easily to increase the productivity levels. The software is a suitable one for preventing an employee to spend more time in social media, email, and other programs for accomplishing the goals. Moreover, it helps to secure the data by minimizing the thefts.